Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Just a few weeks ago, I listened to evidence in regard to global warming on the Rush Limbaugh show. What I heard convinced me that this global warming is a farce. I always believed that it was. It is politically motivated by the extreame and twisted "left" in an attempt to scare the blazes out of the nations people. There is evidence that the world was a much, much warmer place hundreds of years ago, before there were such things as motor cars. It was evident that the earth undergoes what is called cycles, or heating and cooling....all very normal. My grand daughter listened to the show and was startled by the findings and the evidence that was coming forward. She told me that they had been feeding kids her age this cock-and-bull story about global warming at her school for some time.

I bluntly told her that I never once believed that there was any such thing. In fact, the truth is that world has actually been cooling, and has been doing so for some time. Another thing, this whole emissions deal, in my opinion, has gotten totally out of hand. Much of it is run by extreamists and many people have been brainwashed to the point that they honestly believe that these bloody crack-pots know more than they do.

It is my belief that we need to stand up and take this country back, not only from the enviromental extreamists, but also from Govt. interfearence in the form of the EPA! I beleive that this govt. dept. has become too large and too intrusive. With evidence now supporting the fact that global warming is indeed a farce, I think that many of these emission controls on our motor vehicles need to be scrapped!

I also believe that these emission testing stations need to be closed and the buildings re-juvinated to house many of the homeless.

The United Nations needs to be kicked out of the U.S. on it's slimey butt, and the buildings it occupies could be used for shopping malls, and many of them used to house the not so fortunate. I am tired of being fed this continual B.S. by enviromentalists and from my govt. It's time this was STOPPED! It is time for the people to stand up and say "enough".

Have you seen the average price for a motor vehicle these days?

Much of this is due to the needless emissions crap that is forced upon the manufacturers every year, and then is passed onto us.

Unleaded gas, it was said, in a motor car magazine from New Zealand (which I still have) was much more dangerous that LEADED gas ever what's going on here????

Fuel consumption: The older vehicles actually had better miles per gallon than many modern vehicles of today. FACT! My wife & I owned a Ford F150 pick-up with the 302 V8. The darned thing had all the computors....EFI, you name it....and couldn't better 11 mpg!!!

We sold it, bought an old GMC pick-up ( V8 with big 4 bbl carburetor) with very few emissions (larger engine than the Ford) and the darned thing does 16-17 mpg. So I must ask again, what is going on here???

Who is pulling who's leg? Sorry for writing such a long and winded letter, but this is something that I feel very strongly about. I cannot see the sense, nor the rational is "exporting" freedom to other countries when our own is under so much fire in our own country. It's time this nonsense stopped!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Comments, trolls, and the left’s continued whore fixation

Kevin Drum recently chided top conservative blogs, including this one, for not allowing comments. I initially enabled comments on a regular basis, but have severely limited them for reasons explained here. Lest you think I’m exaggerating the problem of out-of-control trolls/haters (which I touched on in a related post here), check out the gutter-level quality of comments about my recent Emory debate (now available on video here thanks to the Emory College Republicans) at Atrios, one of the blogosphere’s top liberal sites last week.

Please excuse the extreme vulgarity of these excerpts, but they demonstrate a point about unhinged liberal hatred that I will continue to expose:

What I want to really know is whether Malkin has the ability to suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch.

I mean, she’s gotta have SOME kind of purposeful earthly use walking around on this planet, because she certainly doesn’t have one that has anything to do with her intellect or her political views.
Jeremiah Elias | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 2:26 am | #

Why exactly does this large toothed educated female wog believe that she will be treated as white when God chose to make her yellow?

Even her political allies see her as nothing more than a trained monkey coached into saying a few simple racial truths that would be politically damaging if put into the mouths of a white man?

Her hatred for her fellow wogs comes from an inability to accept that God did not make her a European and that God chose to make her a woman.

Please, beat her severely and set her to work in a brothel somewhere in Malaysia that services Islamic terrorists.
King Leopold | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 12:39 am | #

Do you think Malkin’s breezer runs horizontally instead of vertically?

Any opinions on the subject?
Jeremiah Elias | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 2:28 am | #

That’s Michele Mangalangawanker to you, buddy!

Seriously. The more she blogs the stupider she gets. Some people just need editors…or a smack in the head with a pillow case full of weasel shit.
tbogg | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 3:02 am | #

Do you think there would be a big market for “internment camp porn” starring Michelle Malkin and Chartoff? It could be like “Ernest” movies from the 1980′s “hey verne look at the filipina”
jr | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 3:05 am | #

Would you please use the name my parents (and our dear savior the Lord Jesus Christ) gave me? It’s Mangalangangbang, liberal swine!
Michelle Mangalangangbang | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 6:28 am | #

Can I fuck her up the ass?
Balanchine | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 6:57 am | #

You know, if Malkin had been living on the west coast in 1942, I can guarantee that she’d be just another fucking jap as far as the vast majority of the population was concerned.

Maybe what Magalangadingdong is really hoping for is that she’ll get tossed in a camp and get to live out her “Comfort Woman” fantasy that she works hard to keep under lock and key at all times . . ..
Big Daddy Mars | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 7:45 am | #

Look at how even aggressive educated wogs like this Michelle Malkin serve their white masters at little or no prodding simply because they desire to be white and not what they were born.

Malkin’s a whore regardless what race she was born. She’d serve any Dark Lord as long as they paid her.
Big Daddy Mars | Email | Homepage | 02.04.05 – 7:52 am | #

This is the toxic filth that passes for commentary on the site of Duncan B. Black, a.k.a. Atrios, whose Media Matters biography notes that he:

has held teaching and research positions at the London School of Economics; the Université catholique de Louvain; the University of California, Irvine; and, recently, Bryn Mawr College. Black holds a PhD in economics from Brown University and is a Senior Fellow at Media Matters for America.

Dr. Black may believe his bottom-feeding commenters enhance his blog, but I think most fair-minded bloggers on either side of the aisle–particularly ones with such presitigious academic pedigrees as Dr. Black’s–would balk at encouraging such obscene vitriol on their sites.

Kevin Drum can pat himself and his fellow liberal bloggers on the back for their comments sections. But if the above is what passes for enhanced and enlightened dialogue, I’m proud to be guilty of what Drum derides as “tight message control.”

I call it garbage control. It’s a good thing.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Liberal Extortion Tactics and Misrepresentations

By Nathan Tabor

Despite all their idealistic rhetoric about “tolerance,” liberals are among the most intolerant individuals. Their blatant attempts to suppress free thought and speech are regularly found in the public school classrooms and on the college campuses of America, where social change agents masquerading as teachers and professors attempt to impose a rigid standard of politically correct leftist orthodoxy on their impressionable students.

But sadly, the thought police have now spread their influence beyond the realms of academe and into the broader world of media and business. Consider the recent campaign of extortion waged against Staples, the giant office products supplier, and Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest single owner and operator of television stations in the United States.

You may remember that Sinclair first raised the public ire of the Left by announcing plans to air the film “Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal” in the weeks just prior to the November election. That film was highly critical of John Kerry and his true war record, both in Vietnam and afterward. But a massive outpouring of liberal protest, fueled by the sympathetic mainstream media, forced Sinclair to back off and air a less-offensive (to the Left) hour-long documentary on POWs instead.

Basking in their perceived success, the Leftists decided to go for the jugular. Sinclair services 39 media markets that reach about 24 percent of U.S. television viewers, so the stakes are high.

In December 2004, a left-leaning outfit called Media Matters for America, a coalition that includes the anti-Bush group and liberal producer Robert Greenwald (“Outfoxed”), launched the website Their stated goal was to use economic pressure to force Sinclair into providing a “progressive” counterpoint to a two-minute conservative editorial segment called “The Point,” which airs daily on Sinclair’s 62 affiliate stations at the same time as the local news.

“We do not believe political statements should be disguised as news content,” the Sinclair Action website piously proclaims. To protest this alleged ideological sin, Sinclair Action uses the Internet to encourage its constituents to contact the network’s six major advertisers: Kraft Foods, Target Stores, McDonald’s, GEICO, Sprint and Staples. They claim to have generated more than 35,000 protest e-mails to advertisers as of early January 2005. And they claim their campaign is working.

On January 3, Media Matters issued a press release taking credit for Staples’ decision to pull its ads from all of Sinclair’s local news shows, effective January 10. The “Staples ad pull” story made the news nationwide in the Washington Post, LA Times, Baltimore Sun, and Chicago Tribune.

Problem is, it wasn’t true, and Staples immediately announced that their position had been “misrepresented by an organization with no affiliation with Staples,” and denied that Sinclair Action had anything to do with their ads.

“We do not let political agendas drive our media buying decisions,” said Paul Capelli, Staples vice president of public relations. He called the decision part of Staples’ “routine and seasonal media buying process” and indicated that overall, Staples would spend more ad money with Sinclair in 2005 than it did in 2004.

Sinclair Broadcasting, meanwhile, calls itself the victim of “an ongoing Internet-based campaign of harassment” by “several organizations with far-left leaning political agendas.” The broadcaster has rightly threatened to seek damages for “trade defamation” in court if Media Matters’ campaign of extortion continues.

Sinclair insists that “The Point” is clearly labeled as commentary and does not “attempt to disguise opinion as news.” Sinclair lawyer Barry Farber pointed out that the editorial segment is free speech protected under the First Amendment, and the company has no legal obligation to air opposing views.

Still, Farber said, the broadcaster’s critics do have one viable option: “If you don’t agree certain programming should be on the air, don’t watch it.”

Liberals used to complain that the Rabid Right stifled their point of view. Now like Fascists those on the Left want to suppress every utterance contrary to their own politically correct ideology. Isn’t that strange?

Copyright © 2005 by Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor is a conservative political activist based in Kernersville, North Carolina. He has his BA in Psychology and his Master’s Degree in Public Policy. He is a contributing editor at Contact him at