Wednesday, March 05, 2003


An Email just received:

I'm a conservative Christian (I'm 20, live outside of Chicago in the US), and am under a lot of pressure at the secular community college I go to.

Currently I'm taking 3 classes; my English teacher is a Marxist, and my Political Science teacher is a typical Secular Humanist (he's mostly a leftist zombie except on a couple topics). The policial science teacher is extremely anti-Semitic, and the teacher in my 3rd class (Geography), is also somewhat anti-Semitic, but definately not as much as the politics teacher.

I have already stirred things up in 2 of the classes, and have debated with the teachers. It's incredible seeing a teacher openly advocate extreme socialism, and watching all the kids blindly agree (one girl is a devout socialist, and since she has a very agressive attitude, I'm guessing that it's caused by childhood trauma or family instability).

Soon I'm going to debate with my political teacher about Hitler. He and the socialist student both declared that Hitler was about as "far right" as anyone
could go.

Mainly it's getting really insane everywhere...

Tuesday, March 04, 2003


In response to my recent post here, one of my U.S. correspondents writes:

Another good example of leftist propaganda is the Democratic Party line on race in the USA.

Let's review the history.

The Republican party was founded as an explicitly anti-slavery party. Upon Lincoln's election, the South, which was mostly Democratic, seceeded from the union so that they could continue to own slaves. During Reconstruction, there were a substantial number of blacks in political office in the south. Occasionally today you will hear about how so-and-so is the "first black (various type of officeholder) in the state of (insert confederate state here) since Reconstruction". Those men during Reconstruction sure weren't Democrats.

After Reconstruction, Democrats came back into power in the South and passed the various Jim Crow laws and promoted share cropping, so that slavery was only de facto. The South, for the next ninety years or so was know as the "Solid South," ie, solidly Democratic.

During the fifties and sixties, when civil rights legislation was passed - with a greater proportion of congressional Republicans supporting the laws than Democrats, overt racism finally became a losing proposition politically, and politicians such as Helms and Thurmond, who were Republican leaning on most other issues, crossed the aisle and joined the Republicans, not because the Republicans became more racist, but rather because once the civil rights questions were settled and the Democrats modernized their positions on that issue, they had little else in common with the Democrats.

Of course, big government type former overt racists like Robert Byrd, Democratic Senator from the KKK, stayed in the Democratic party because they shared his ideas on other issues. Yet Byrd today still gets a free pass on his racist pronouncements while Republicans with histories fractionally as inimical to black Americans get pilloried constantly.

Somehow Democrats paint themselves today as being the party of racial tolerance. It's amazing that they get away with it, but the bigger the lie, the more people believe it.