Friday, September 29, 2006

Senator George Allen Insider breaks her Silence to reveal 18-month Investigation on the Senator

Senator George Allen is being politically assassinated. Over twenty years of outstanding political leadership and service is being erased by slander – researcher, talk show regular, author and columnist Kathy Antrim

Washington, DC— As political smear tactics reach an all-time low, independent researcher Kathleen Antrim reveals findings from her 17-month long investigation on Senator George Allen to “provide American voters with an unvarnished, honest look at this individual, warts and all.”

Antrim noticed a growing discontent in citizens who are fed up with the corruption, double-speak, and perceived hidden agendas of our government officials. Therefore, she decided to get an insiders view of Presidential forerunner George Allen and share her unvarnished findings in her upcoming book- good or bad- tentatively entitled Actions Speak Louder than Words.

Antrim has been granted unprecedented and unlimited access to the Senator, his wife, children, family, close friends, staff and colleagues for the past 17 months; resulting in hundreds of hours of interviews, which include accompanying Allen in his motor home on his 2,500-mile Listening Tours in 2005 and 2006. “He completely opened up his life to me,” says Antrim.

Antrim wanted to keep her findings secret until the launch of her book, but because of the accusations of Allen using racial slurs and threats (including one of a decapitated deer being stuffed in the mailbox of a black family) in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Antrim has decided to come forward. Allen told The Associated Press on Monday that Mr. Shelton’s accusations were “ludicrously false”.

Like sharks on a feeding frenzy, media outlets such as like are positively gleeful in their misleading attacks. Antrim wonders, “Where is the police report that any victim would file if this deer incident happened? There is none. Where are the victims of this alleged incident? There are none. The police lieutenant in charge during the 70's believes it's a myth. Even the head of the Louisa County chapter of the NAACP admitted they had no knowledge of any such incident happening.”

Antrim find it incredibly convenient and suspect that Dr. Ken Shelton never said a word about this incident during the last 20 years of Allen's political career, but in the first election since the only other person who could refute his allegations has died suddenly, now Shelton is coming forward. Antrim comments, “It's disgusting and despicable that they are playing the race card against Allen, a man that grew up in an integrated family and considers many of his father's teammates family. Allen and his siblings consider [Hall of Famer Deacon Jones] their big brother."

Antrim concludes “I have remained independent and unbiased in my interviewing, documentation, and research.” If the media wants to know who George Allen is as a man and as a leader – I hope they ask questions before they take 30-year-old, never reported allegations, as fact.”